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for starters, neveahs are very sweet and loving. One of the most strongest person you will ever encounter ( emotionally, that is ). Stunning. Easily falls in love and is the jealous type. BIG TIME. She is extremely dedicated and strong willed. Truly a one of a kind. Most Neveah's are not very accustom to change. She is clingy, ( in a cute way though ). She is not an open book and has a fragile heart. she is completely trustworthy; and will only flirt with her lover; in a relationship or not. Neveahs are super smart and over achieve as much as possible. they tend to be very forgiving, but aren't very fond of when other individuals take that character trait for granted. she puts other before herself. but also put themselves first when they feel the situation is appropriate. if you have a neveah in your life, hold on to her and never let her go. it's for the best
I'm in love with Neveah
I want to be Neveah.
by thekidwithaD-R-E-A-M October 07, 2011
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Neveahs are cool, has multiple talents, is easy to make friends with,staight forward,athletic, likes to have fun, loving,caing,popular,looks forward to try new things and is not the shy type
by Lovergirl300 February 12, 2017
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One of the most amazing people that you will ever meet. She is hella thick and will do anything for her friends. She will fight and stand up for you no matter what. She is so much fun to hang out with. She’s all round perfection.
Guy 1: Dude have you seen Neveah
Guy 2: Yah she’s has such a huge ass.
by XxXstargazerXxX December 04, 2018
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Neveah can be a very thicc girl and very pretty girl that can be mean and petty at times but always likes to have fun
Yeooo that girl looks and acts like neveah
by ur wrong janiah u did make it September 11, 2018
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Neveah is a great friend, she is a natural at being sassy. Neveah’s are very very stubborn, but they make a great friend though. She will stand up for you, and she’ll often fight for you. I will often say Neveah is a fighter. A Neveah is loud and loves to sing. She is the leader of the pack, and will fight for that title of a leader.
I love Neveah’s sass
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by GirlWhoBlogs56 July 06, 2018
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