1. A warehouse that sells gourmet products in bulk at low prices
2. A place where the lead cart pusher makes $17.50 an hour plus benefits
3. A place where the guy who bakes cakes and muffins gets $22.50 an hour plus benefits
4. A place that makes the best freakin' pizza in the planet
5. Membership club where the only profit made is off the the yearly membership fees and the cost of merchandise pays for all of our expenses
6. The only company in the world where the CEO is friendly and distrubutes all of the company's income fairly
7. Low turn over rate
8. Will always cause the Target Corporation to fail its mission of becoming the Best Company Ever
Costco is a cool place to work and shop
by Tom Bomb December 28, 2005
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A warehouse where. after a small membership fee, one can bring one's family to get free breakfast, lunch, and dinner -- commonly known as 'samples'.
We were hungry, so we went on an outing to Costco.
by Luddz May 25, 2015
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A collosal store that sells items in bulk. They also sell large items like bouncy castles or basket ball hoops. They also sell the BEST hotdogs!
Mum can we go to Costco?
by shoethousond October 19, 2019
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Person one: I went to Costco today;)
Person two: Costco is my daddy
Person one: no it’s my daddy
Person 5: bitch
by 1111101001001 October 12, 2019
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Costco is the closest thing to heaven because of its low prices
But to get into Costco you need to offer your money to jesus and you will get the Costco membership. The more you offer, the longer it last.
Guy 1: Hey imma go to Costco what you need
Guy 2: A big bucket of macaroni
by (Missing Name) August 22, 2019
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Really big and massive (adj)
(the store, costco, sells food and other items in bulk)
"wow dude, that chick is so costco"
"hummers are ridiculously costco"
by melonoftroy June 30, 2009
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