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(V.) Overfilling a hand-rolled cigarette (specifically a marijuana cigarette) in the front part of the joint. Toploading is considered rude and and a blazer faux pas.
Lindsey:"How was that party last night?"

Max: "Well, Brennan started toploading and that fucked-up his rollers rights so Zak got the first taste."
by Maxxxwell June 22, 2008
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When an individual wears nothing but a t-shirt... NOTHING but a t-shirt

Its especially egregious when the shirt is too short and too big around. Tube socks may be admissible, but it makes a gross thing worse.
Dude 1: I was top loading all night last night
Dude 2: Gross
by Ants Are So Crazy July 10, 2013
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