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A grunger is someone who listens to a subculteral type of music called grunge. A grunger is always being stereotyped as a "skater" and being mocked for their taste in clothes, becasue of the simple fact they don't have one. Grungers wear whatever they can find. This usually means flannel shirts and faded holey jeans. Most grungers are male(though not all) and have long(sometimes greasy)hair. Grungers are also mocked for their hygiene and cleanliness, as grungers don't give a shit what people think of them. Grunge bands include Nirvana, Pearl Jam and many others. A grungers worst enemy is a townie.
Townie #1: Safe maht, innit?
Townie #2: A'ight.
Townie #1: Fucking grungas round, fuckin' knock 'em out, cos I'm 'ard.
Townie #2: 'Ow then, let's go knock 'em out.
Townies meet a grunger
Grunger: Evening.
Townie #1: Fuckin' mosha.
Grunger plays "Smells Like Teen Spirit"
Townies burn.
by Dicko November 08, 2004

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The Dicko. A large male with long hair who enjoys online gaming. Usually found near PC's OR geek gatherings.
There was a large pile of rubbish, body odour and... was that excrement? where the Dicko had been.
by Dicko November 06, 2004

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somebody who puts all the weed/cannabis in there end of the spliff/joint
You tight arse you've toploaded the spliff
by Dicko December 09, 2004

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come, semen
dude, after i penetrated his anal cavity, my flizzle squirted in his ass.
by dicko February 17, 2003

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