Is the act of someone ringing your mobile once quickly with caller ID with no intention of you picking it up, so that you will call them back. Generally becuase they are a cheap ass.

It originated from people with little credit on their mobile when they needed to make an important call, now it is misused for unimportant calls and many people wont return the pranking even from friends. It is frowned upon to do so and people who do it often generally end up with little respect.
John: "My girlfriend has been pranking me all night"
Tony: "Dude she is doing that to you way too often"
John: "no shit"
Tony: "what a cheap ass gold digger"
by Trez_City December 12, 2006
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As well as being used by cheap friends, pranking is also being reported as being used as a marketing strategy in Australia. You miss a call and your phone records it with caller ID, you return the call and find you're listening to a recorded marketing message
"oh, missed a call from 9555-1234...I wonder who that is..."

Dial 9555-1234...

''Thanks for calling back! For an online quote for lower cost car insurance go to www. ...'' Click!

"Damn, I wish they'd stop pranking me".
by SteveD March 3, 2008
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A prank used to mean a practical joke, but the definition has slightly changed in the age of the youtube 'prank' video.

Nowadays a prank means saying provocative shit to someone, while secretly recording them, and then screaming "it's a prank, bro, it's a prank" when you elicit a violent response.
(Youtube Prankster approaches a girl walking with her boyfriend)
YP: DAMNNNNNN! Look at those melons. Can I please put my face in those melons?
Random girl: What the fuck?
(The expected happens and the girl and/or her boyfriend react violently to this sexual harrassment)
YP (after getting a slap in the face): It's a prank, bro, it's a prank. Look there's a camera right there! It's not sexual harassment if the camera's on.

Our youtube hero continues on his humorous adventures. This time, he is joined by a athletic looking black guy who looks like he can throw a punch.

YP: Yo! You wanna hear a joke?
Black Guy: Yeah!
YP: What does a black guy do after sex?
BG: What?
YP: 15 to life! hue hue hue.
BG: (Smacks our hero in the face)
YP: It's a prank, bro, it's a prank. It's not racist, bro, the camera's on.
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Rhetorical question, synonymous with 'is this a joke?' asked when something even remotely unexpected has occurred. Soulless teenage girls have recently been prone to using this phrase because "is this a joke?" has become too mainstream; the use of it gives them a feeling of individuality.
1. Teacher: today we will be having a pop quiz.

Teenage girl: is this a prank? what's happening...?

2. Doctor: you're entire family has died in a car accident.

Teenage girl: meep. Is this a prank?

3. *drops a french fry on the floor

Teenage girl: is this a prank?

4. *absolutely nothing has happened at all

Teenage girl: is this a prank?
by Ijusthatepeople November 13, 2011
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A practical joke. There are the pranksters and the victims, the idea of pranks are to make people laugh, In some cases, even the victim (The good type).

Pranks are common on YouTube, they gain controversy which is usually the YouTuber's intention. More Controversy = More Views = More revenue.

This is, like many, a word that has lost its meaning through the years and has gotten worse and worse.

Silly -> Slight Inconvenience -> Bullying -> "Social Experiment".
Ethan decided that he would prank innocent shoppers by spitting food on the floor and shouting at the top of his lungs.
by SanicLeHegHog February 26, 2017
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A word to say when something doesn't go according to plan. E.g
*Robs a bank*

Police: I'ma shoot you
You: It's a prank
Police: You're free to go
by wordexpert123 December 22, 2015
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