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An amazing and perfect man who is extremely sweet, kind, respectful, nice, loving, silly, funny and very smart. He's as cute as a button and extremely adorable. Yet, he's sexy, charming, and handsome as well. He has rad hair and charming eyes. A lovely smile and gorgeous lips. He's a perfect man. He loves only one girl, his girlfriend <3 This man, is completely and utterly amazing.
Brennan is so amazing. <3
by ;jngwshjsfg; August 31, 2010
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An attractive man of irish, italian, and other descents. This man is also very sexy and super cute! The man has a bubbly personality and hot ass.
Hey did u check out that Brennan?!?!...the things i would do to him...
by Zoe L. March 25, 2008
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A beautiful and sexy man who all ladies love, incredibly smart. He has a huge dick.
by Pljdlfa alkj March 17, 2014
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A sexual mastermind, Seen as a God, Someone who causes ladies to cream themselves on their beds
Brennan was so amazing in bed last night, I didn't have to go chafe myself
by some crazy blonde March 3, 2007
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The absolute hottest human on planet earth. Also a long-jump champion. Also extremely based.
"yo did you see brennan"
"yeah I caught on fire when I saw him"
by ReturntomonkeNOW January 9, 2021
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A great guy withat a great heart.Hes there for you at anytime of day or night. He is tall with light brown hair and beautiful hazel eyes. But you cant forget he is GREAT in bed. you see that guy... he has to be a Brennan.
by paranoia neonangel July 18, 2011
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