An amazing and perfect man who is extremely sweet, kind, respectful, nice, loving, silly, funny and very smart. He's as cute as a button and extremely adorable. Yet, he's sexy, charming, and handsome as well. He has rad hair and charming eyes. A lovely smile and gorgeous lips. He's a perfect man. He loves only one girl, his girlfriend <3 This man, is completely and utterly amazing.
Brennan is so amazing. <3
by ;jngwshjsfg; August 31, 2010
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A Brennan is a person who will steal your chick fil-ay and hide with it in the bathroom. He would usually make racist jokes, but doesn’t mean them.(Odviously)
Usually a big person on sports, he usually likes to play damn Xbox 8 hours straight after games on the weekend.
Wow He is such a Brennan“
I know
by datbrycen October 22, 2019
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A beautiful and sexy man who all ladies love, incredibly smart. He has a huge dick.
by Pljdlfa alkj March 17, 2014
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An attractive man of irish, italian, and other descents. This man is also very sexy and super cute! The man has a bubbly personality and hot ass.
Hey did u check out that Brennan?!?!...the things i would do to him...
by Zoe L. March 25, 2008
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Brennan has a mangina!
Brennan has a mangina!
by Handydandyhankypanky August 4, 2019
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A sexual mastermind, Seen as a God, Someone who causes ladies to cream themselves on their beds
Brennan was so amazing in bed last night, I didn't have to go chafe myself
by some crazy blonde March 3, 2007
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The absolute hottest human on planet earth. Also a long-jump champion. Also extremely based.
"yo did you see brennan"
"yeah I caught on fire when I saw him"
by ReturntomonkeNOW January 9, 2021
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