Someone who has loadsa money.
He/she is flush
by soulmate June 30, 2004
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Rich, having money, especially when the described person does not usually have money, is poor, etc. This may be a temporary condition, i.e. the money will run out soon. From American hobo slang.
A hobo shares his wealth when he is flush.
by boxcar_marie February 1, 2010
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the act of pressing the lever on the side of a toilet to drain it's contents
by pussyeaterouter February 1, 2011
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To beat someone severley or to kill them.
"You better watch your mouth or you gonna get flushed."
"Yah i'm gunna flush his ass like the peice of shit that he is.."
by skr0oface April 23, 2004
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"Yo, D-train just flushed one on GMac's head, it looks like the Wilson logo is imprinted on his head...
by marky marc from tha burgh March 28, 2003
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the short form of a flush, or a hand in the game of royal flush.
I couldn't believe my luck when I got the winning flush!
by Gunkglumb June 6, 2005
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1. flush down your little sister's goldfish after you realise it's unsuitable for eating.
2. Something women do after putting the tiolet seat down and men before forgetting to put the tiolet seat down.
3. A really gay word defined by my two year old nephew as " letting out the bubbles".
How many times do i have to flush before you go away?
by Caleglin June 28, 2004
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