phrase to announce your desire for a reaction from random people, indicating a need to change the balance of positivity. can be highly contagious. usually yelled.
to neighbor mowing lawn: "yo, can i get a faaaat biiiiird"
to lady in grocery store: "Hey muffins, fat bird!"
when seeing an american flag:"god bless america, can i get a fat bird"
by Dayrock January 1, 2011
to feel the fear like a ,fat bird, trying to keep pace on a treadmill.

the moment dave realised he was trapped in a locked room with a hungry lion, he was sweating like a fat bird on a treadmill
by Glyn Master of Weasels May 4, 2007
When a person sweats profusely due to the overexertion of a physical activity.
Dan : "Hey Abbie, how's the workout going?"
Abbie : "Yeah, really great thanks. I'm sweating like a fat bird, in a bin bag, at a barn dance!"
Dan : "Good work, you won't be a fat fucker for much longer!"
by scooner March 21, 2018
A fat chavette hailing from the Welsh Valleys.
Fat Valley Bird (FVB) is a fat chavette hailing from the Welsh Valleys. The FVB can easily be identified as they dress in tracksuits, are adorned in copious amounts of Argos jewellery and are either fat, very fat or extremely fat. The FVBs pastimes can include Bus Shelter loitering, eating chips and fighting. If you encounter this species in the wild, it is best to stay upwind and NEVER make eye contact as this is either a declaration of war, or of love making. Please note, if eye contact is made it would be best to immediately assume the foetal position and go to your happy place until the FVB has moved on to new prey. You have been warned!
by Kaliafibun June 22, 2011
Patricia: hey look its a fat bird!
Nancy: sooo cool
by Skye is a fat bird-w- October 28, 2020