The act of defacating in somebody's washing machine. Similar to an "upper decker" the toploader has the advantage of not only being more inconvenient to the victim, but also much funnier to the person performing, as well as their friends. The toploader is a serious commitment to pranking and should only be used when the victim is a total douche, or it would be really funny to everybody else.
Man, that guy wouldn't let me use his bathroom so I snuck into his laundry room and gave him a toploader!
by Seamour Butz February 10, 2010
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n/ A communal spliff with most of the marijuana packed tightly at the top, so the first person to smoke it (usually the one to roll it) gets a far bigger high than the others.
p.n/ Someone who rolls one of the above.
I swear to never be, roll or not beat the living crap out of a toploader.
by I August 16, 2004
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prankster placing a fresh turd in the cistern of an adversary, then letting it fester unhindered
'I hear that dude is the phantom Toploader'
by marco2000 April 11, 2006
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(V.) Overfilling a hand-rolled cigarette (specifically a marijuana cigarette) in the front part of the joint. Toploading is considered rude and and a blazer faux pas.
Lindsey:"How was that party last night?"

Max: "Well, Brennan started toploading and that fucked-up his rollers rights so Zak got the first taste."
by Maxxxwell June 22, 2008
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when some one shits in the cistern of the toilet causing the water to flush brown for weeks on end
"hey luke that guy that makes those rim stickers is a real fuckin felcher,i think you should go around there after a hard night on the curry and give his shitter a good old fashioned dacks around the ankles topload....what do you think old son"
by mcr toilet cleaning services September 15, 2009
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somebody who puts all the weed/cannabis in there end of the spliff/joint
You tight arse you've toploaded the spliff
by Dicko December 09, 2004
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A term used for describing a hand job where the females fingers are placed around the males penis with her palm on the bellend.

*Similar to how you would hold a gear stick*

Commonly seen in nightclubs
"That fat bird gave me a toploader at the side of the dancefloor last night, I jizzed in her hand and she had to leave."
by BlGBUCK August 05, 2009
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