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1.Someone with few flaws; possessing many desirable qualities.

Someone with many if not all of these traits:

beautiful on the inside and out.
fun to be around.

No one is perfect, but some people are close.

2. Exactly what you're looking for and want.
I love her, she's perfect.
by i January 31, 2005

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a genius who loves wisdom.
Irwan is an Iqbal who is outstanding among philosophers for his revolutionizing views on art, science and life.
by I February 24, 2005

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1.Unique; often has a strong positive connotation. Something you admire or want.

2.Mentally disadvantaged.
1. What a special guy, he's my special friend.

2. She's special needs.
by i February 10, 2005

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n/ A communal spliff with most of the marijuana packed tightly at the top, so the first person to smoke it (usually the one to roll it) gets a far bigger high than the others.
p.n/ Someone who rolls one of the above.
I swear to never be, roll or not beat the living crap out of a toploader.
by I August 16, 2004

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A weed, so powerful, that taking only one hit, will cause you to need a wheelchair.
Man, I got some good shit, it's one hit wheelchair weed.
by i April 29, 2003

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in a drug induced state, a word that is related to a tasty and new sweet berry.
(used in willy wonka)
mm the walls taste almost as good as these schnazzberries.
by i October 27, 2003

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Regensburger slang for a pc games addict
If he finds out that those monsters give that much Exp, he'll go totally thoralf about it.
by i February 05, 2004

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