1. adj. fashionably attractive or impressive
excellent : as exclam.

The blueberry gruyere at the cheese shop is so dancefloor, Sheryl.

A teeth-whitening app for the Iphone? Dancefloor!

Tom's had a fever for two days now. He's not feeling very dancefloor.
by Magic B Ball April 22, 2009
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A hilarious song by Maroon. My cousin and I made it up. Inspired by Legos.
Me: You like to poop on my floor!
Anna: Dancefloor
Both: The Dancefloor
Anna: Dancefloor
Both: The Dancefloor
by Persephone~ January 18, 2009
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When you're at a club grinding on a female and you fingerblast her.
"Damn Chris you were so drunk last night..."

"I know I was grinding on Amy so hard during 'Get Low' I ended up giving her a Dancefloor Digout!"
by @DanW24 March 12, 2010
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to dance intensely, insanely, excitedly, energetically, vigorously, enthusiastically, like you're having an out-of body experience, like no one's watching, like this is the last day of your life, like you don't care, like you're having a dance off, like you're shaking a polaroid picture, like you're shaking it 'til the moon becomes sun, like you're getting jiggy with it, like you have happy feet, like you're on drugs, like you're shredding the dancefloor into pieces with your feet!
-So did you dance last nite? -Dance? Please, not only did I dance but I shred it on the dancefloor!
by fullofshift November 14, 2011
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Codeword for when you have explosive diarrhea. Used when you need to excuse yourself, or explain why you were late.
Ugh brb, I gotta evacuate the dancefloor.

Sorry I'm late! I had to evacuate the dancefloor.
by bustedbeatbox November 10, 2010
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Dancefloor banking is where drunken online banking is done to release money for the night. Always regretted in the morning.
"Did some dancefloor banking last night, took an extra £100 out"
by Jose Skofieldo December 8, 2013
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My poor behaviour at the party was eclipsed by the scandal of Tegan giving Jim a dancefloor handy.
by La-a Laker December 15, 2012
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