a large water storage tank usually filled by roof water run off from rains.
cisterns were usally found at rural farm houses with tin roofs.
by jacus July 28, 2009
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The act of removing the lid off the back of the toilet and planting a stool in the cistern to spite an ememy. The easiest way is for the perpetrator to perch with their feet on the toilet seat and poo directly into the cistern. Often seen as one step further than a 'reverse kanga' or 'crocodile skiddy' as everytime the victim attempts to flush the toilet to rid it of its contents it refills from the cistern with a cruel mix of poo and water. Particularly effective as it is often not noticable straight away as there is no actual poo in the bowl but fills up over time making it hard to find out who did it.
My mother-in-law is such a bitch. I am going to teach her a lesson and perform a revenge cistern job in her toilet.
by fish03 July 14, 2009
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The practice of excreting into the cistern of a toilet.
Take the lid off, do your business, lid back on and flush! The number2 will go through not only the flush water but through most of the toilet plumbing and stink for ages. I've seen it done! Classic
I was at Alex's house warming last Saturday night, and I dropped a cistern shuffle in his toilet, his plumbing is screwed.
by JimBim2 April 16, 2009
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When a person removes the lid of the toilet Cistern and deposits their waste, and puts the lid back on. This leads to a very terrible smell and a even more dirty toilet after a few days.
"Oh damn, whats that smell?"
"Theres been a Cistern Terrorist in here!"
by arcynum July 11, 2008
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Taking a particularly liquid and explosive shit, one that coats the sides of the toilet bowl in brown.
Ugh, that vindaloo last night had me painting the cistern chapel this morning.
by nicknoodles November 20, 2012
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An exceptionally mean or miserly person. Someone who would literally lick the cistern to obtain some free narcotic after someone has "powdered their nose" in the bathroom.
"Buy us a pint mate"
"Away outta that ya cistern licker and buy yer own".
by Corky1 August 19, 2013
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French kissing someone after popping a cist or boil getting the puss and blood mixed around in the saliva
Gave my partner a cistern swirley last night or I got cistern swirled at a party.
by Raynespider July 8, 2022
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