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A term used to define the region of flesh that spans between the pink and the stink of a female body.

(approximately 10mm)
what did you get upto last night?
took her back to mine and she let me cross sniffers bridge.
by BlGBUCK April 21, 2009

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A term used to describe a very ugly person

When it looks like they've been ran over by some sort of tractor
I can't belive you got into that tractor face last night, she was a rotter!
by BlGBUCK June 01, 2009

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A coctail constisting of bottle of Blue WKD and a shot of Jägermeister.

Simply gulp a small amount of WKD then pour in the shot of Jäger in the bottle.

Gaurenteed to get you hammerd!

Also it tastes really good.
"You wer so drunk last night man"
Yeah I was fine until I had those Jägerwickeds!"
by BlGBUCK August 05, 2009

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When a man has an erection and it is poking out the top of his underwear.

This could be unintentional or could be used to disguise the mans stiff member in dangerous situations.
"I couldn't get rid of my hard-on for love nor money, so I had to use the Peeping soldier technique to hide it so i could go and answer the door"
by BlGBUCK May 11, 2009

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One of many games played by the female Species

Most common way to spot when you in the trap:

-when everything is perfect with a woman, but you aren’t getting any action.

-Where you end up staying or going back to a girl who isn’t particularly attractive... she’s just good in bed.

Just remember ladies like sex as much as men... don’t get caught in the trap!
Poor John, hes been caught in the Fanny trap.
by BlGBUCK June 29, 2009

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This is an activity that involves removing the metal lid of a flower holder, from a grave stone. Then excreting into the hole then replacing the lid.

After the initial risk of this activity you will see the funny side, which is when the friends and family of the deceased come with fresh flowers and have to scoop out the mess which they believe is just soil.
"We went grave logging last night, I heard someone coming while I was logged on so had to cut it off and hide."
by BlGBUCK August 05, 2009

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A term used for describing a hand job where the females fingers are placed around the males penis with her palm on the bellend.

*Similar to how you would hold a gear stick*

Commonly seen in nightclubs
"That fat bird gave me a toploader at the side of the dancefloor last night, I jizzed in her hand and she had to leave."
by BlGBUCK August 05, 2009

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