When sticking your Index and Middle Finger around a male scrotum while your pinky finger is inserted into the man's anus. The male on male equivalent of the shocker
by Mike Pezacouski August 10, 2007
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A big bulgy sore zit, typically on your face.
Don't eat all that chocolate, it'll give you festers!
by festerface June 11, 2012
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freak or a freaky person; a person you would not want to associate with;
Also can be used to describe oneself when feeling down;
Probable origin from the character of Uncle Fester from the Adams Family ; and from medical terminology i.e. festering wound- slimy, pus-oozing septic infection.
"Oh my god look at those festers over there!" Says Zack, "What a smelly bunch of freaks", replies Mr Smacs;
"Listen, Mr Wisey, Uncle Fester is all-festered-out, but he's got nuthin' on you, you festered out festering fester fest of a festerval in festerville, festered out fester!" Laney quips;
"Oh crap I better get my shit together I'm turning into a fester", Fordy muses to himself;
"This crappy small town is a fester-ville, see those festered-out dudes? They look like a bunch of
Gleesons let loose in the wild while on a surf safari" Daz remarks;
"Hell no I wont go...those street parties are turning into real fester-vals" states Pierre Condom;
by Zack Bathory January 13, 2008
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fes•ter \fes-ter\ PacNW (1987)n
1 a : one who attends festivals b : one who enjoys live music in large groups
c : one who is convivial with others in a festival setting 2 : FESTIVALGOER (1959)n
"Hey, right on fester, I like your new shirt too."

"Yeah, I met that fester at a show in 1993."
Hey fester, get me one too will ya?"
The fester was wearing green while festing at the festival.
The festival was awesome because the festers there were very convivial and knew how to have a good time while taking care of each other.
by chinacatfester February 1, 2012
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One who finds personal satisfaction in the ingestion of human stool.
Fester the ingester.
by Pierre May 28, 2004
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To hang around not doing anything in particular...
Festering can be fun on a rainy day...
by catalabas May 19, 2003
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To stay in, usually wearing the same clothes for a long period of time, bieng anti-social, lacking personal hygiene

Also can be used to describe the state of a room/house which is filthy/neglected
'What are you up to?' 'I'm festering today'

eeeerrrrrr You look festery

We are having a fat fester sesh!

'You festering man'

'fancy a fester?'

by noface123 June 17, 2009
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