A topshelf occurs when one defecates on the bathroom counter, typically right next to the sink. A good topshelf is decorated with either a cocktail sword or a cocktail umbrella, depending on the topshelfer's preference.
On my last day at my old job, I topshelfed the office bathroom!
by B Young August 14, 2006
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Excreting one’s fecal matter in such a way that disrupts the olfactory nerves for several days. Originally thought to originate from the 1700’s, recent carbon dating tests reveal top-shelving dates back to the 1400’s. Early techniques of the Top-shelving were in the form of crapping in someone’s sandals and/or robe. Towards the 1800’s the technique evolved, and crapping in one’s wagon, and became the standard practice of implementing a top-shelf. In the 20th Century the top-shelf has taken on a new face. Today’s modern top-shelf are a based upon removing the lid of a toilet and taking a fat deuce in the tank. Typically, the day before completing a top-shelf you want to load up on crabs and fajitas so that your crap will have lethal properties.
1. People that are from California are so used to stinky poopy dicks, that top-shelves are welcomed in non-smoking bars.

2. Hey dood, lets top shelf Demi Moore’s place.

3. Fuck Flushies 2000. A good Top Shelf will kill that rank smell.
by Doc September 28, 2003
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Verb - The act of dropping a steaming dump into the water tank of a toilet. It's very important to replace the tank cover and leave the room as if nothing happened. Each future flush will reinvigorate the stench of slowly eroding water tank dump.
Frat Guy 1, "Did you end up fighting those guys at that party last night?"

Frat Guy 2, "Naw, I top shelfed those bastards... they'll be smelling that fudge for weeks!"
by vandyu97 February 19, 2009
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While doing it doggy-style he pulled out his penis and decided to go top shelf.
by mdiaz April 28, 2005
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taking a shit in the top part of a toliet. See upperdecker
Dude lets go I just top shelfed the place.
by Daddy November 12, 2003
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