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The world's major machine tools trade fair, held every two years on a six year cycle moving between Hannover/Hannover/Milan.

See http://www.emo-hannover.de/ for more information.
EMO Hannover 2005
The world of machine tools
by Kilkrazy June 8, 2005
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Japanese adjective meaning horny, sexually arousing or explicit, or sexually aroused. Derived from the sound for the Roman letter H, which is the first letter in the Japanese adjective Hentai
"The etchi magazines are kept on the top shelf."
by Kilkrazy July 1, 2004
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A top shelf magazine contains 'men's interest material', making it unsuitable for minors to look at and therefore it is put out of their reach on the top shelf in the newsagent.
"If you're looking for 'Shaven Asian Babes' you'll find it on the top shelf."
by Kilkrazy June 30, 2004
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Transitive verb. Slang, meaning to accept a bribe or some other sub rosa payment, usually in cash. That is, to take the money and slip it into your trouser pocket.
Mr Fayed offered a brown envelope and Hamilton trousered it straight away.
by Kilkrazy January 3, 2005
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'Spec', pronounced 'spess' is derived from the word specimen. It is an insult. It implies a resemblance to unpleasant medical specimens such as stool samples, parasites and such like, or perhaps quality control failure samples which have been kept for reference.
by Kilkrazy January 7, 2005
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Verb, transitive: "To splash my boots" is a British army expression meaning to go for a pee in the outdoors (on manoueuvres, etc. when a regular lavatory isn't available.) The action of forceful micturation against a tree or similar tends to cause a splashback onto the boots.
I'm bursting for a piss. I'm just off to splash my boots.
by Kilkrazy January 4, 2005
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Noun: Slang term for a pop shield, put on the microphone to prevent plosive consonants from registering too forcefully during studio recording of voice overs.
"Can we put a spoffle on the mike because I'm getting too much pop o the Ps."
by Kilkrazy July 2, 2004
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