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Verb, transitive: "To splash my boots" is a British army expression meaning to go for a pee in the outdoors (on manoueuvres, etc. when a regular lavatory isn't available.) The action of forceful micturation against a tree or similar tends to cause a splashback onto the boots.
I'm bursting for a piss. I'm just off to splash my boots.
by Kilkrazy January 5, 2005
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Noun: Rude Japanese slang for cunt. Used by naughty female language students to book tables in foreign restaurants so that they will be able to have a laugh when the maitre d' calls them to their table.
"Miss Manko, your table is ready."
by Kilkrazy July 1, 2004
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Noun. British public school slang. A state of anger or enragement. Derived from hawking terminology (hawking being the sport of training and flying raptors). See also the adjective 'batey'.
"I say, chaps, keep the noise down or Sir will get into a rare old bate."
by Kilkrazy July 1, 2004
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Noun. Women or girls who get angry with someone they know (who could be male or female) may go into a state of huff in which they will pointedly and illogically ignore the offending person for a considerable period of time.

See also the adjective 'huffy'.
"Mary has been in a huff with Jane for oever a week, since Jane criticised her new scarf."
by Kilkrazy July 1, 2004
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See you guys later. I've got to go to The Dark Side for a scheduling meeting.
by Kilkrazy January 10, 2005
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Abbreviation of 'Shigeru Miyamoto', top game designer for Nintendo.
"Shig made a surprise appearance at E3, to promote the new Zelda game."
by Kilkrazy June 30, 2004
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Japanese superhero whose function is to make the traffic lights change in your favour.
"If the lights don't change we'll be late. Shingo-change-man!"
by Kilkrazy June 30, 2004
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