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n - A dick that's been exposed to hot green chile. Exposure may be linked to but not necessarily, hand-jobs, blow jobs immediately after eating, anal 3-12 hours after eating, etc.
After drinking all night at Albuquerque Billy's Longbar, you decide to rub up against the chubby girl in the Taco Cabana line. She smiles and invites you to her table. Back at her place, you whisper..."ever done anal?" She smiles again and grabs your junk. After stroking her pooper for a few, your dick is on fire. You scream; she apologizes. "Is your dick on fire?" "Yes!" "I ate a double meat, double cheese, and double green chile Lotaburger for dinner. I gave you green chile chode."
by vandyu97 January 10, 2010
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The term to describe one's anus 6-12 hours after consuming large quantities of extremely spicy food.
Aww dude, that stinks! Those wings really gave me a bad case of the hot dot!

Dude, why are you sweating so bad? Sorry man, those Tijuana tacos gave me a bad hot dot!
by VandyU97 May 06, 2008
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Verb - The act of dropping a steaming dump into the water tank of a toilet. It's very important to replace the tank cover and leave the room as if nothing happened. Each future flush will reinvigorate the stench of slowly eroding water tank dump.
Frat Guy 1, "Did you end up fighting those guys at that party last night?"

Frat Guy 2, "Naw, I top shelfed those bastards... they'll be smelling that fudge for weeks!"
by vandyu97 February 19, 2009
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