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stinky poopy is a meme video of a picture of a monkey that slowly zooms in as you hear a man saying stinky stinky poopy poopy funny also if stinky poopy is said you must immediately reply poopy funny
stinky stinky poopy poopy funny
by mr cool man 69 October 10, 2019
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Joe: Hey have you seen the Mega Stinky Poopy Head's

Ben: Yeah I saw them around the corner let's get tf out of here
by YabobHater January 17, 2022
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a very handsome young monkey who made an uh oh poopy stinky or it can be used to describe taking a shit
uh oh i made a poopy stinky

im going to go make a poopy stinky
by BubbleNugget121 October 13, 2019
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The butthole after a fresh explosive shit, when someone smells weird, when someone you don’t like decides to act like a fucktard, when your just straight up mad at anything. These situations can use stinky poppy butthole to describe what is going one. It can be used as a name calling word, a curse word, etc. this word has infinite situations it can be used in
Look at Joey Cruz, he smells so weird, he such a Stinky-poopy-butthole.
by Bigdawg74 June 28, 2022
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A Stinky Poopy Girl is someone who is always there to do irresponsible things with and have a good time....even if they are a lil stinky!
Omfg Abby is the biggest Stinky Poopy Girl ever
by STANKPUSS3000 April 28, 2020
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Smells very stinky every day, but it's cute
You're so STINKY wiggle poopy pants man look at yourself in the mirror LOOK AT YOUUU
by October 15, 2020
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