Melissa's prefered drink.
Dude. Did you see melissa down that toilet water last night?
by TKH March 25, 2008
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what most dogs would rather drink than the fresh bottled water you give them
by lunar shadows September 24, 2004
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home-brewed alcohol made in prison. convicts brew the booze in the top tanks of their toilets. used as prison currency, along with cigarettes and bitches.
i traded big macky a carton of cigs for a gallon of toilet water.
by tdm_duh May 9, 2007
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small amounts of different types of alcohol mixed together to fuck you up. mostly made by teenagers stealing alcohol from their parents who dont want to get caught so take just a little from multiple bottles
girl: "did u get the bottle!?"
bby girl: "no my parents were on my ass all day, but i did get to make some toilet water"
by stonerstina July 17, 2015
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a term coined by Jonathan Jokerst that references the male anatomy in a way that expresses it being so big and long that it touches the water in the toilet while sitting down.
"dude did you see Jimmy in the shower after practice?! holy hell i didn't know he had one of them toilet water touchers!"

"Katie can't really sit down today, she said she was with a dude last night that had one of them toilet water touchers."
by Jam Master Joke August 15, 2009
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It's a dangerous drink, but other than that, I don't have too many feelings against it.

Toilet water that's blue.
by TheMeaningifier July 28, 2019
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When you are going to the bathroom and at any point during your visit an item of clothing gets dipped in the toilet.
Scenario: Bathroom Stall

Girl #1: "Oh shit, the back of your skirt is all wet."
Girl #2: "Great, when I squatted it must've hit the toilet water dipping sauce. Yum!"
by the Duomo January 4, 2010
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