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When you fuck up with your typing, a typo shows. You usually accidentally pressed the wrong key and it mispells the word.

Like if you're typing out the word "Emo", you might accidentally (or do it intensionally for a crapy joke) type out "Emmo".
Typos are so annoying when you find them, especially after completing writing whatever you were.
by lunar shadows December 28, 2005
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A nasty tasting beverage that fucks up the brain and causes people to be ill and act abnormal
Why would you want to drink beer? It tastes like shit
by lunar shadows December 22, 2004
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A very fun card game. The cards are divided up between the players and each player gets their card deck.

You start out with whoever has the 2 of clubs play that card, then everyone else plays cards. You can play any of the clubs, spades, or diamonds whenever you wish.

The object of the game is not to get points, which each heart is worth 1 point and the queen of spades is worth a whopping 13 points.

In order to play hearts, you must break a heart by playing a heart when you do not have a matching card that was played. For example, if everyone played a club and you don't have any clubs, you could play the heart.

If one player gets all the hearts and the queen, then all the other players get 26 points.
This game is fun, but I hate that fucking queen of spade
by lunar shadows December 29, 2005
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A tasty fast food chain that can be found in the area I live in, which is California.

They have a simple menu, which is really nice. You have a burger, cheeseburger, fries, and drinks.

Their fries actually have potatoe tasting to it, unlike other places.

Their milk shakes taste real good too because they are made with real ice cream.
In-In-Out taste really good
by lunar shadows October 23, 2004
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Income Removal System
The IRS folks tried to jack 5 grand off my bank account
by lunar shadows September 19, 2004
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A really cool fish. They are bottom eaters and they clean your gravel for you by eating the stuff on the bottom. I have had them in the past and thought they were cool.
I like clown loaches and a number of other fish
by lunar shadows October 30, 2004
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Another shitty first person shooter game that people can play. It looks boring and plain, just like any other stupid first person shooter game.
Why the fuck would I want to play counter-strike when I have suikoden 1-3?
by lunar shadows November 10, 2004
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