A guy's tanks are his testicles, his nuts.
I woke up with morning wood, so I jerked off and drained my tanks!
by eda-skip January 2, 2022
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The ship name created by the FaZe Clan fandom between Temperrr and Banks.
FaZe Banks was raging once and flipped sht and took all the food out of the FaZe house fridge and when Temperrr walked in he just helped him throw all the food until he calmed down instead of arguing with him to make the situation worse. Therefore, tanks should be real so that Banks can keep his sanity as he grows old.
by FckJakePaul June 24, 2020
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(n.) 1. Profanese variation of "thanks". Used to express gratitude, very rare to hear from Profanese.
by Razukin December 1, 2002
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meaning sucks, to lose, or lost.To fail.
"Man, that tanks!"
"You totally tanked that jump"
"This thread TANKS!"
by savory ninja May 8, 2007
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tanks are a guy's nuts.
I jacked off three times in a row and my tanks are empty!
by USAF Cadet August 27, 2021
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one or more tank. tank as in an armored machine capabale of killing thousands.
if you think tanks is the same as thanks you need to go back to school.
by jonny right words August 29, 2004
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Often slang for a womens upper chest or boobs
by Big Black Gangsta July 31, 2004
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