Can be used when referring to having a beer.
Also may be in reference to smoking weed.
Also less urbanly used in England to describe having a cup of tea.
"Can you pass me a cold brew?"
"Let's go home for a brew."
"Would you like to come in for a brew?"
by Diego July 8, 2003
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One of the thousands of UK terms for tea.
Make us a brew love, I'm parched.
by black flag June 5, 2004
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The term "brew" can refer to a friend, much like brother, Man, dude and homie. This is not commonly used when referring to a person outside of their immediate presence, only when you are having a direct conversation with the person.
Talk to you later brew
by Alevaro Jose Makawakatakashaka November 22, 2010
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a beer.
everyone was drinking brews at the frat castle
by lxa bro September 29, 2008
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the brew were giving my jip over me doing the double.
Brew scum!
On the brew
by casey kocknobber June 11, 2003
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The FOB way to say BRO .. (sydney, australia)
ey sup brew (FOB)

Auvic: ye brew!
Jules: sup brew?
Auvic: nm brew!
by auvic October 10, 2005
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