Used to derisively describe a girlfriend primarily being used for sex. Usually someone will have several dipping sauces in a series or perhaps at the same time.
"See that bitch over there? She's your dad's new dipping sauce."
by The Lord Humungus October 25, 2007
(noun) Rooted in the verb "dip" (meaning to depart), dip sauce is an emergency reserve of speed that must be tapped when one is running desperately late for something. It is most effective when used as part of the imperative expression "harvest the dip sauce."
Andrew: Oh, crap, the movie starts in three minutes and we're still ten blocks out!
Remy: Harvest the dip sauce, son!
by Baby Stoob May 7, 2008
The act of giving away your dipping sauce virginity.
Wallace: I love you, I have dipping sauce for you... I will be your Dipping Sauce Bitch!
by Wallace Wells September 21, 2010
Mayonnaise mixed with ketchup. If anyone ever says mayo ketchup to describe it, correct them and say Caribbean Dipping Sauce
by FourForeFor4 May 14, 2019
Person: hey can we buy some mayo ketchup?
Human: actually it’s called Caribbean dipping sauce
Person: oh sorry I forgot
by FourForeFor4 May 14, 2019
When you ejaculate into a empty McDonald's dipping sauce packet and dip your nuggets in it.
You ever tried the forbidden dipping sauce at McDonald's? Limited-edition here only for a short time!
by bigdipper123 July 13, 2019