When you're stealing someone else's memes and posting them on your own social media sites as if they were your own.
Marc is always thrift stealing other people's memes! Nothing about him is original on his timeline except for his name.
by Tricktionary June 15, 2017
A place where Whatsherface is forced to go to by her "friends", cheerleader, so and so, and the ugly one. One or two cent each item.
Whatsherface, you can go to a thrift store...or junkyarrd.
by Sibbie April 24, 2005
Cheap product, as in inexpensive styling gel or mousse.
I could spend money on this salon recommended styling gel, or I could just grab this thrift goop and call it a day.
by Ereck Flowers December 2, 2010
An insatiable need to go into every thrift store you see and buy something uniquely hideous no matter how badly you wish you could just keep going.
My thrift shop masochism has intensified beyond a manageable stage since I saw Macklemore and Ryan Lewis’ video masterpiece.
by Dr Bunnygirl January 12, 2019
Large scrumptious breasts that are underneath a thrift store shirt
She’s hot, did you see her thrift store tits underneath that old sweater from goodwill?
by BandanaP April 20, 2021
A person who enters a thrift store with full intent to shoplift any items that will fit in their pockets and purses. They may even steal a purse and put stuff in it.

A low form of shoplifter who will go into any store and steal the floor tiles if they're not tacked down well enough.
1. "Did you see that girl in Electronics? She was putting a surge protector in her purse! WTF? She'd be a thrift store robber, that one."

2. Stacy was kicked out of the thrift shop for stealing all the clothes instead of putting them away; what a thrift store robber.
by kero frangipani pants February 6, 2009