A foamy white substance that comes from a can like whipped cream. It usually has no smell but can sometimes smell sweet and flowery. It can be used on wet or dry hair, to minimize poof and if used in a large quantity, can produce the effect of crunchy, shiny, wet-looking curls. Using mousse has many different names, such as scrunching, moussing, or sponging. Used very widely by Latinas.
can you knock on ceci's door and ask if she got any more mousse I can borrow?
by sweetness-and-light May 24, 2007
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A long, runny, swirly shit that looks remarkably resembling of the ever-popular KFC desert.
Man, Brett is moussing it up in there
by SSACTO June 22, 2004
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When you shag a woman who is on her period, you make rhubarb mousse
Oh babes if you shag me tonight it will just make rhubarb mousse
by Michel Roux jnr. December 15, 2011
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When a man, or woman, takes a dump in a woman's, or man's, hair; then uses it to style their hair into horns(or antlers).
Guy1: She's not hungry, she doesn't want a hot lunch. Holy shit I'm gonna give her a hot mousse.
Guy2: What the fuck is a hot mousse?
Guy1: I'm gonna shit in her hair and shape it into antlers!
Guy2: Damn that's awesome!!
by JerseyDave616 August 31, 2009
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The nasty brown foamy substance that collects around the head of the dick after anal sex and ejaculation.
For mains I fucked her ass, then let her eat the cockolate mousse for dessert.
by Swampy McSwamperson February 13, 2019
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Pussy mousse; The congealed spunk and vaginal juices that drips out of a woman's vagina if she hasn't washed herself after having sex
I had sex yesterday but haven't had a shower yet so Ive got pussey mousse ...

Her fanny smells like it's still full of pussey mousse..
by Lord trusty trust March 7, 2017
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Hot tub which has had some form of soap product added to create a large mousse on top of the tub.

The mousse can then be used for making interesting forms or hiding in for performing covert tub maneuvers.
"Hey we gonna mousse the tub tonight"

"For sure got my pockets full of Mr Matey bubble bath"

"Alright, mousse tub time"
by WESN321 April 30, 2010
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