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Marc is a name given only to the best. Marcs' don't come along often and when they do hold onto them, because you wont find someone who you love as much as you love him. A boy as gentle, and loving, and kind, who is the only person who you hate because every time you fall apart he makes you laugh and smile again. When life is letting you down he is the one who will always be there by your side. He holds your secrets and you heart and loves you like no other. Above all and treats you like he oughta. He always reminds you that chivalry is not dead. Marc is a teenager but is so mature, he has a good head on his shoulders and knows what’s up. The thing about Marc is that he is the thing you hold dearest to you, his eyes are deep, and his face is sweet, and his smile melts your heart. When he holds you never want to let go. On the outside he is simple and it seems like there isn't much to him. But on further inspection you find that there is more to him then you let alone anyone else will ever know and ever understand. You can read him like a book and you know that he can do the same, he is your best friend in the world and knows you like no other. Although you don't always have something new to say he is the only person who you can simply love the silence. You say Always and he says Forever, don't lose sight of the things that matter most. If you have had the honor to meet such a boy hold onto him for dear life because you will never find another.
Man that guy is so awesome, his name must be Marc!
by Ikke Kjopt December 08, 2012
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The kindest, most caring boi ever. He'll be nice to someone and tell them what they wanna hear even if he truly believes that they're a fucking asshole. He does and says the cutest things and has the most infectious smile. He distracts you from all your worries and sticks by you even when you're not in the best of moods. He has a massive dick and he knows it and certainly doesn't shy away from using it-especially when overseas..He has a pretty wizard girlfriend who loves him very much and thinks that he is pre cool Yoshi. Oh and has a nutella fetish.
Girl: Oh hawt damn, have you seen that boy?
Girl: Marc ist mein kleiner Deutscher
by orangeelephants June 18, 2013
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1.) Physically attractive man.
2.) Intellectually attractive man.
3.) Emotionally attractive man.

Has a voice so sweet he could make a wolverine purr. Most and probably best of all, he's more than you and yo momma combined.
Person a: what do you wanna be when you grow up?
Person b: i wanna be marc!
by mondo cat August 12, 2008
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If your names marc your a keeper. You have a big dick, black hair and eyes. Physically active. And loves to make people laugh, you are a loyal person. Your very attractive, and can steal anyone's bitch.
"Damn look at Marc over there"
" Marc has a big dick"
"Hes a keeper"
" He's AMAZING at sports"
by Ferro5211 August 08, 2017
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Marc is the definition of a real man. He is everything that a woman would ever desire. He is the kind of man that should never be let go. If you ever get him, you indeed know that you have won a prize!
Damn, im so blessed to have Marc, he treats me like a Nubian goddess.
by tatkinson April 27, 2009
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