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Can be any person. Said when you dont know his or her name or you would rather not say the person's name.
Richie said that he ran into so and so and thats how the whole issue got started.
by TheBx41 September 17, 2012
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1. Roughly equivalent of "oh what's his face."
2. an undesirable, as in "you no-good little so and so..."
Person A - I told the same thing to, oh, so and so...
Person B - You did? You no good little so and so!!!!!!!!!!
by Tom Navarro April 12, 2007
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Name for which a snooty British man will call one of his fellow gentlemen.
-Ah so the bi-annual fox hunt was quite the success Lord Remus,

-Ohh Sir Chives, you little So and So!
by fondleduck January 06, 2011
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marijuana, or under the influence of marijuana, or just generally stupid or marijuana-like.
man, you so and so.
by Guy Dontryitonme February 03, 2010
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