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Man 1: she's my girlfriend, but I don't speak to her.

Man 2: what do you mean?

Man 1: have some empathy.

Man 2: yeah, I'm sure she'll come around!
by Ereck Flowers April 11, 2015
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To have no girlfriend or boyfriend prospects. Analogous to the universal baseball reference for romantic relationship events (kissing = first base, etc.).
Bob: I have an empty farm system, dude.

John: What does that mean?

Bob: No prospects...
by Ereck Flowers December 11, 2011
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Someone who makes things that do things.
Engineers are important for the infrastructure and technology of our civilization.
by Ereck Flowers September 2, 2018
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A goal you cannot accomplish despite effort to do so.
It's an enneavor to do well on this math test.
by Ereck Flowers June 25, 2016
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A behavior a person with an illness or addiction exhibits when she recovers.
I had escape and emerged from bipolar mania disorder. Finally.
by Ereck Flowers November 25, 2018
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To randomly and compulsively say nasty words about a past lover to get over your ended romantic relationship with her.
Leave Jimmy alone. He's not crazy, he just has ex-girlfriend tourettes syndrome.
by Ereck Flowers January 7, 2011
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A situation where the American colonies go so fed up with the stuff Britain tried to impose on them that they rebelled and won independence.
Thank God for the American Revolution. Makes me glad to be an American.
by Ereck Flowers September 10, 2018
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