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An idiot.
It's useless talking to Jeff about politics. He's a Tea Partier, so it would be like speaking to a brick wall.
by Ereck Flowers May 03, 2011

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The act of dumping on Donald Trump verbally.
I took a Donald dump for his xenophobic, racist, misogynistic and outright slimy comments again today. I've developed a sore throat, I say!
by Ereck Flowers October 08, 2016

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An excuse to annoy people.
It's okay that we had a fight in front of you, we're in a relationship.

It's fine that we called each other pet names and kissed in front of you, we're in a relationship.

It's okay that we had sex in the other room and you heard it, we're in a relationship.
by Ereck Flowers December 14, 2010

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A more accurate name for Donald Trump.
John Oliver indicated that Drumpf is Trump's ancestral name. Oliver proposed the nation therefore call him Donald Drumpf, especially since Trump doesn't like immigrants.
by Ereck Flowers June 29, 2016

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Two people, usually at young ages, who test each other with romantic advances and have sexual feelings for each other, but don't actually commit to each other.
I was your love interest, and it was interesting.
by Ereck Flowers February 28, 2015

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When you sound like an asshole.
Do you even know how pompous you are?
by Ereck Flowers August 22, 2017

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Dedicated to a person or a cause as a priority indefinitely.
The woman exhibited loyalty to the man by remaining romantically involved with him flawlessly for two years.
by Ereck Flowers April 17, 2015

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