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Pop, hip-hop, and sometimes rap music that is about a person's unusually strong sex drive. Typically sung by a rich African American who utilizes autotune and excessive bass to forge talent. This music comes in 'generations,' which last about a month and result in 5-6 poon tunes being played constantly on the radio, then are totally forgotten. Also known as "koon tunes."
Song in question is a poon tune if it contains or is about the following words: girl, tonight, shorty (shawwwty), fine, body, bed, <insert sexual body part here>, club, dance, baby, love
by Indomitable798 October 28, 2010
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A legitimate, worthwhile journey for your parents who refer to the "college experience" as a rite of passage, a time to grow up, a time to meet new people, and a time to discover your passion. It is also described as "the best time of your life."

Nowadays, the "college experience" is one of the biggest clichés out there. Modern colleges are artificial bubbles on the map that do not in any way mirror the real world. Most people are self-absorbed, liberal douches whom you'd be better off not meeting.

The women (a largely perverted stereotype) can be either good or bad looking depending on the college. However, they form cliques with other popular people and you will never get a shot. Your only chance is to find one good and drunk at a sleazy frat party, or be good looking and have some serious game.

When you do discover your passion (hopefully sooner than later), you will likely discover that it can be achieved at an easier, cheaper college or trade school. At this point, any rational person would drop out of their current hellhole.
by Indomitable798 October 09, 2010
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When you are expected to support a girl you really like while she searches for a smarter, richer, or more handsome boyfriend. There is little you can do to get out without feeling like a dick. All in all, one of the meanest things girls do, whether they mean it or not.
Kayla told me we were just friends when I asked her out. I told her I couldn't bear to see her find someone else so she shouldn't call me again. Saved my ass from the friendzone.
by Indomitable798 September 27, 2010
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A rare phenomena when the same song is playing on two or more radio stations simultaneously. Can be very irritating when searching for good music because it usually occurs with the latest generation of pop or poon tunes.
The new Taylor Swift song is playing on country 96.1 and hits 103.3. Talk about deja tune.
by Indomitable798 October 28, 2010
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A post-secondary alternative to college or university. Trade school is often a two-year degree with small classes and hands on training. This is achieved by rolling admission and allows for excellent student/teacher ratios.

An excellent choice for students obsessed with one certain interest, trade school rejects the college "well-rounded" approach and instead masters one specific topic. Like art school, these students often build portfolios to show potential employers, making them more desirable candidates.

The best part about trade school is the living situation. Since most of these schools don't accommodate students on campus, they live on their own in the real world. This allows them to get a jump start on their college-bound brethren who live in the artificial "bubble" of college campuses.

Due to the unprecedented amount of college graduates, the job market for them is extremely competitive. Not so much for associate degrees. Jobs such as electrician, plumber, carpenter, mechanic, and gunsmith will always be in demand, not to mention that they pay pretty well too.

It truly is the "working man's education"
Guy: Jeff just graduated from trade school and makes good money as an auto mechanic.

Girl: Eww I wouldn't want to do that.

Guy: Well, he does.
by Indomitable798 October 03, 2010
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A leftover gift card with just enough money to make you feel bad about throwing it out, but not enough to actually buy anything. Usually are worth between $.25 and $1.
Jack: Wow man, freakin starbucks nearly cleaned out my $10 gift card in one visit!

Brendan: That sucks dude, looks like you're stuck with a thrift card.


Ian: I need to clean out my wallet but I've got so many thrift cards, its tough to throw em out.

Pete: Where are you ever going to use up those things? They are pretty much worthless.

Ian: True.
by Indomitable798 May 02, 2009
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1. A person who has yet to have sex. Generally thought of as a good thing for women, yet considered a weakness by some in men. Can also be characterized by awkward quirks in speech and behavior in men in their late teens or older.

2. An alcoholic drink with no alcohol. Usually consumed by those under 21 who are not in college.

3. A record company

4. Aspiring private space tourism company. Good luck to em.
Bill is overly polite to the point of being creepy and seems to be on edge 24/7. He obviously doesn't want to be a virgin anymore.

I'll have a virgin rum and coke please.

30 Seconds to Mars was signed by Virgin Records.

I've booked a suborbital flight with Virgin Galactic for $250,000 in 5 years.
by Indomitable798 September 30, 2010
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