A slang term created by Mac Miller that means “To go into down town pittsburgh and buy drugs”.
Yo Cody wanna go thrifting in da burgh with me saturday?
by 🐳🧹 October 26, 2019
When the dick is smaller than to be expected. Not a grower or a shower.
Drew: oh Kinsley how was Tyrone last night? That dick big?

KINSLEY: nah he got that thrift store dick
by dk1997 January 10, 2018
When a person drinks the spent coffee from his own or another’s anemia.
Dave: Hey this coffee is horrible where did you get it?

Tyler: that’s some thrift store coffee left over from last night.

Dave: I love the extra taste it adds.
by Coffeeman400 May 10, 2019
A person who is basically a neck beard, only wears clothes from thrift stores and never washes them nor themselves
That kid ian that tries to be hipster and smells disgusting, yeah he's so thrift shop white
by Sherpaherder_69 February 18, 2015
A person who hangs out at thrift stores to buy then resell junk in ebay
Damn, mike is a thrift monger selling all that junk online
by Donnawilllose July 16, 2019
The act of purposely seeking out a anorexic woman for a one night stand solely for the purpose of saving money by not having to purchase food or contraception during the date.
Man, I am horny, broke and I don’t get paid for three more days! I need to go down to the modeling school and find some thrift sex.
by OMG303LOL April 5, 2018