A woman who 'wears' a strap-on dildo for sex
Hey Dave, you know Emma? I reckon she's a wearer for sure. I bet she'd bend you over your mom's counter and really show you who's the boss!
by alpha_duck January 17, 2012
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This is a term that was originally applied, not to clergy, but to a female with an unsightly arse. The arse in question might be fat, lopsided or saggy, it could be overly skinny or have strange looking lumps and bumps on it, or it may just not look right. Any of these attributes would turn her into a cassock wearer. It all goes back to a saying that started in England just after World War II. At that time, most people went to church and would kneel for prayers on a sort of cushion called a hassock. These hassocks could be lopsided or saggy, frequently skinny and often had strange looking lumps on them. Somebody made the comparison of an unsightly female arse to a hassock and from this grew the rhyme “with an arse like a hassock she should wear a cassock”, which was shortened to cassock wearer. It has now become a term applied generally to an unprepossessing female.
“Have you seen Mickey’s latest?”
Oh shit, yeah! A right cassock wearer.”
by AKACroatalin February 22, 2016
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noun. (see also Hipsters Sho Hos Frails )

1. A person purposely sporting clothing that looks so fashionable it's verging on silly.

2. A person wielding clothing or accessories that are designed to serve specific functions, in an ironic or trendy way.

See: Messenger bags, Fixed Gear bikes, glassless spectacles, Barbour jackets.

3. Persons so dedicated to acquiring the status of "an individual" they will follow the current hipster trends without question or hesitation. They will wear the clothes Vice magazine says they should wear, drink in the bars their favorite blogs tell them to, and walk around Shoreditch with an air of smugness only attainable by those in the knowledge that they are the coolest they could possibly be.

Serious Silly Wearers can also be seen sporting ironic moustaches and silly haircuts to further distance themselves from mainstream cliche's.
"See that guy over there with his bare ankles on display because he's rolled up his skinny jeans and isn't wearing socks with those brown leather loafers? Yeah, he's a silly wearer."
by SafeCoolOk November 9, 2009
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a person that wears clothes against the "norm".

a person wearing clothing seen as "silly" by the majority of people.
there is a lot of silly wearers in shoreditch.

"this is a silly wearer's party"

look at that silly wearer.
by twig11 November 8, 2009
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A pet name for a sticky Load Wearing Whore!
My wife was a lot more fun when she was just my Load Wearer!
by bagizba May 10, 2009
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An obese female who wears a sack-like garment in a futile attempt to appear less vast. Often the sack has a hole cut in the top to display the contours of their massive norks. Few find this attractive.
"Hey look at that sack wearer! What a massive fatass!"
by Ludwig van Funkenstein August 24, 2007
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A male who looks young and also immature with a large penis.
The guy I hooked up with was a weiner wearer.
You are no man, you are a weiner wearer.
I want a man! Not a weiner wearer!
by Tmandaddy February 25, 2022
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