An ancient device to keep paper internets safe when transferring information at 3 to 5 bits per hour across the Earth.
Steve: I need to send this piece of internets to my friend Unka Mika in Cameroon ASAP! What do I do?
Linda: I have some envelopes in my floor safe with other antiquities. I'll sell you one for 50 bucks.
by TheDarkFlower June 23, 2009
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A sexual technique where the penis is licked from one end to the other, along the side, with rapid tongue movement similar to licking an envelope.

Similar to corn on the cob, but the lips are not pressed to the penis.
Before she blew me last night, she did the harmonica, the ice cream cone, and the envelope on my cock
by bjmike November 7, 2010
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You lick it. It is shoved in your slot.
Weeee, sexual innuendo time! Envelope! Whipped cream! Pipe cleaners!
by Elley Chaos April 26, 2003
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to ejaculate between a woman's asscheeks and hold together until they're stuck shut.
After I gave her the envelope her shit got stuck up her asshole, it was hilarious.
by Charles Monroe March 30, 2005
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vagina, opening of the vagina
you need to clean your envelope pussy
by mastershake12 October 14, 2009
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Something you can send mail in. It is correctly pronounced ''en-vuh-lope''. ''onvelope'' is a mispronunciation of the word.

See ''onvelope''.
by David March 7, 2004
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You dumbass, cant you figure it out... you send your mail in it! duhh!!
I'm so dumb i dont know what the word "envelope" means.
by grubin August 4, 2003
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