This term is used to collectively refer to the University of Oxford and the University of Cambridge, the two most prestigious universities in England.
Admissions to Oxbridge is extremely competitive.
by dedicated scholar November 18, 2011
Something which every Asian kid must achieve to please their non-university educated Asian parents so they have full bragging rights against other Asian families otherwise they will be disowned as they brought shame and dishonour to their family
My parents were so mad I didn't get into Oxbridge
by No_Quarter_for_them March 6, 2020
An English term to refer to the universities of Cambridge and Oxford as a group in itself due to the distinct status they hold for being the two oldest universities in the country.

Full of smart kids as well as the two singular greatest collections of academic circle jerking wankers in their faculties who think they are the second coming and that their asses are the singular source of light and heat in the world. Often announcing loudly how gracious they are while smugly laughing to each other in private about how the "peasants" fell for it. Can be found on The Student Room spreading propaganda about how accessible it is to everyone.
Oxbridge tutor: "We aim to be as diverse as possible"

Also Oxbridge tutor: Takes inproportionate amounts of private school ignoramuses and "working class minorities" while fucking over everyone in between. But with enough statistical deniability to tell people complaining to "fuck off"
by SaltyThiccToadboi February 26, 2019
A term combining "Oxford" and "Cambridge", the two oldest and most prestigious English universities.
The centrality of alcohol to social life is something that eve Oxbridge shares with the rest of the British universities.
by atemperman January 24, 2004
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HAFIZ - * enters kitchen and lawal slaps his ass *
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HOUSE PARENT - "welcome to Oxbridge tutorial college"
by fuckoxbridge150 September 17, 2018