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Giving someone the payment is placing your testicles on or wiping them across someones face (preferably slowly). Whomever receives the payment does not need to be a willing participant, which makes this a much more useful threat than teabagging, where the recipient must agree or be in a deep sleep. It is also considered to be more degrading by some.

The payment also has it's own vernacular. It is used only as the payment, not payment alone. The person receiving the payment is the payee.
Ex 1:

Guy 1: Don't touch my car again unless you want to receive the payment.

Guy 2: Fine, chill out man.

Ex 2:

Payee: What the hell did you just put your balls on my face for asshole!?!?

Obama: You just received the payment bitch, maybe next time you'll know who to vote for!
by MikeBGSU May 29, 2009
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