Giving someone the payment is placing your testicles on or wiping them across someones face (preferably slowly). Whomever receives the payment does not need to be a willing participant, which makes this a much more useful threat than teabagging, where the recipient must agree or be in a deep sleep. It is also considered to be more degrading by some.

The payment also has it's own vernacular. It is used only as the payment, not payment alone. The person receiving the payment is the payee.
Ex 1:

Guy 1: Don't touch my car again unless you want to receive the payment.

Guy 2: Fine, chill out man.

Ex 2:

Payee: What the hell did you just put your balls on my face for asshole!?!?

Obama: You just received the payment bitch, maybe next time you'll know who to vote for!
by MikeBGSU May 30, 2009
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This is one of the laws of social physics. When a man observes a couple and wants to have sex with the female, all the man has to do is simply fight the other male. If he wins, the female immediately forgets about her lover and is forced by nature to have sexual intercourse with this new man. The man will now receive his 'payment' for pulling off such a random and brave stunt. This was discovered when an unknown man witnessed Chuck Norris execute this act and tried to reenact it. Much to his surprise, it worked. This was one of the first laws of social physics ever to be discovered. This also works for women, however, the fight must take place in a kiddie pool filled with either mud or some other slippery substance.
Jim: Hey. I just beat the shit out of your boyfriend.

Sarah: Who? Nevermind. I don't care. Lets have sex!

Jim: Yes! Payment!
by Payment December 13, 2010
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(noun) An arrangement between a man and a woman who are dating or are good friends in which case the woman trades her man sex in exchange for goods or services. Such an arrangement is also mereferred to as hoing, whoring, prostituting, etc.
Nikki was talking to his grandma, and was telling her about the arrangement he and his true love Betsy had as far as pussy payments were concerned. Rolling her eyes as she began, Grandma told him, "Grandson, you about stupid as all hell. 'Pussy payments'? Humphhh, child, that's just plain ol' whoring, Mr. Two Degrees".
by Nikki Stixx August 22, 2020
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the sum of the capital account balance and the current account balance; put another way, the net change in financial reserves of a country, whether in the form of income (current account) or foreign investments (capital account)

For example, in all years since 1980, the USA has run a large-to-huge current account deficit, but in most years it has run a capital account surplus that is almost as big as the current account deficit. As a result, the USA has run a medium-to-large balance of payments deficit over this period.

A commonly-overlooked byproduct of BoP is that it determines whether or not a currency can be used as an international reserve currency. Despite repeated efforts by the governments of the EU and Japan to get their currencies established as such, they have failed to dent the US dollar's global primacy as the money for international transactions. This is because EU member states and Japan (as well as other major economies) run very large surpluses in their BoP. Japan, in particular, imports extremely little, and retains huge reserves rather than invest all of its net export earnings overseas. As a consequence, overseas holdings of euros or yen are much to small to serve as an alternative to the US dollar.
Since the oil embargo of the 1970's, the US has run a balance of payments deficit because its trade deficit was enormous; prior to the embargo, the US BoP deficit was large because the US exported such an enormous amount of finance capital. As a consequence, the balance of payments deficit has persisted since the end of the Korean War (1953).
by Abu Yahya February 14, 2009
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When you don't masturbate for a couple of days in anticipation of getting a blow job. It will fill her cheeks to cartoon-like proportions.
Ted: So Jenny promised me if the Mets lost the World Series she would give me a hummer and so I didn't sling my own jelly for a week.
Frank: Ah, the old Balloon Payment, classic.
by Wally Krunk from the grave December 17, 2015
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Giving head/ blowjobs/eatout oral sex When you can't afford to pay for product and need a front till Friday.
She/he asked if I could let them get a Bag of dope till Friday. I said sure I just need a Down Payment.
by Liljoe6981 February 5, 2020
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The reason for your service being interrupted or property repossessed for non-payment. See "between jobs".
A: "Hey I called your cell phone but couldn't get through"
B: "Yeah my phone is between payments right now"
by Ry-G January 21, 2010
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