Ban on imports of a particular good into a country.
"In 1999, the United States announced an embargo on importation of monkeys into the continental U.S."
by hussad October 17, 2004
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When one is denied of intercourse or sexual activity from his partner.

Derived from the formal definition of embargo, in which a country is put under prohibition of goods coming in or out. In this case, no penises come in or out.
Aaron: Yo Billy, did she put an embargo on you last night?
Billy: Yeah man, she was pissed. I didn't get nothing. :/
by loki goes rawr January 17, 2005
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o grab me ' backwards.
Embargo! Embargo! Embargo! Embargo!
by JOSHUWEA January 11, 2005
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a word which stands for everything cool under the sun
"That skirt is so totally embargo"
by HJ January 5, 2005
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1. The banning op documents for public viewing for reason of security of copyright purposes. "embargoed publications"

2. An embargo with academic publications is to prohibit them from being viewed by certain persons for a period of time.

3. To cease imports from another country, usually due to political differences. This causes the isolation of the countries economy and often causes it to suffer.
Also, a trade barrier or economic boycott.

4. The prevention of ships leaving port.
1. "Lady Chatterley's lover was embargoed in Europe until the late 1900's."

3. "Due to apartheid in South Africa their exports were embargoed to many countries opposing their governmental rule."
by NoodleGirl November 19, 2008
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Popuralized by JFK's move on Cuba in 1963... an embargo is a ban on all coonery, coonish behaviour or either within a certain space or within a residence. This is normally instituted by fed up spouses or fed up parents who have had it with the behaviour of the person in question.
Yung Pop-a-squat: "Yo ma homie Bae-Slaya, when you throwing down another turn up at your spot?"

Brian: "Homie, wifey ain't feeling it no more. She done put on the embargo. By the way you have to call me Brian around the house"

Billy Ray should have put an embargo on Miley years ago...
by Kibztiano Leonaldo October 16, 2014
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The banning of trade with a country.
by Emokiss June 5, 2009
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