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When you not only forgot something, but proceeded to go about your daily activities without remembering.
Me: Wow, I super-forgot to get gas all day, now I'm stuck in Bowling Green, OH next to a cornfield, this hella lame.

Passenger: Dude, did you just say hella? You're such a toolbox I can't believe I hang out with you.
by MikeBGSU May 8, 2009
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When something really good happens unexpectedly. The bonus sometimes has a double meaning, as it often can be viewed as something negative or a tragedy. This is not a requirement of a double bonus however, as 'double' does not mean the bonus must have double meanings, it means the bonus is really good. often only because it is so unexpected.
Ex 1

Person 1: "So this cop was chasing me on the freeway and he wrecked..."

Person 2: "Nice. Double bonus."

Ex 2

Person 1: "I went into our new roommates room to turn off his alarm and I found a naked stripper tied to his bed."

Person 2: "Ah, but would you call that a bad thing, or double bonus?"
by MikeBGSU May 28, 2009
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Something from a previous time that is cool, and will always be cool. While most retro styles and things go out of fashion, something that is retro platinum will remain cool indefinitely. This does not describe something that only one person thinks will be cool forever, it has to be a general consensus.
Ex. 1

Guy 1: What the hell is on your shirt? Is that hello kitty?? That's really gay dude.

Guy 2: It's a Sonic the Hedgehog t-shirt and there is no way you can call that gay. By all means you can call hello kitty gay, and if I lost a bet I might wear a t-shirt with that cat on it but Sonic is retro platinum. Communist.

Guy 1: Oh ok, I only caught a glimpse of it. I love Sonic, I used to play that shit on my Game Gear all the time!

Ex. 2

Guy 1: Man I just bought a 10,000 Pokemon cards on eBay for $50! Including a holographic Charizard!

Guy 2: Dude, Pokemon are really gay...

Guy 1: What are you talking about man, Pokemon are retro platinum!

Guy 3: No, he's right, they're just gay.
by MikeBGSU June 3, 2009
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Giving someone the payment is placing your testicles on or wiping them across someones face (preferably slowly). Whomever receives the payment does not need to be a willing participant, which makes this a much more useful threat than teabagging, where the recipient must agree or be in a deep sleep. It is also considered to be more degrading by some.

The payment also has it's own vernacular. It is used only as the payment, not payment alone. The person receiving the payment is the payee.
Ex 1:

Guy 1: Don't touch my car again unless you want to receive the payment.

Guy 2: Fine, chill out man.

Ex 2:

Payee: What the hell did you just put your balls on my face for asshole!?!?

Obama: You just received the payment bitch, maybe next time you'll know who to vote for!
by MikeBGSU May 30, 2009
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