to use in a non-sexual reference; as in partaking in alot of something; OVERINDULGING
He was whoring all of my potato chips and didn't leave any for me.
Kyle was sitting on his ass TV-whoring all weekend, and didn't hang out with us.
by fashionho December 10, 2003
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If someone is "whoring" something, it means they are doing it repetitively.

Normally, to be classified as whoring, the action being carried out is annoying someone else.
For example, in SC:PT multiplayer:

"FFS Mercs stop fu**ing whoring the tazer, it's a fu**ing lightning gun"
by Rob0 August 24, 2004
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The act of giving sexual services in return for money and or material things
That prostitute was caught whoring in a back alley.
by Forewjak December 10, 2012
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The act of advertising your "friends" on MySpace, usually through the bulletin feature. Usually done by scene kids who go to the internet for attention because they're insecure and don't have friends in real life. :)
OMG The biggest whoring train ever!!! These people will get you 250k friends!!!!!
by Cimeron December 19, 2005
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The action that whores do when they are trying to get someone to pay attention to them.Propersitioning them or Dancing up against them or whatever
"OMG look at that chick!"
"yeah, shes totally whoring herself out to him"
by *pout* March 3, 2007
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Advertising one's availability as a provider of some service, not necessarily a sexual service. For instance, a visual artist declaring willingness to take commissions – to create the picture you want in exchange for a payment.
"can i post a blog whoring myself out?"
by Australian Observer December 17, 2011
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to pass something that is not yours around to other people
by talktwo December 15, 2002
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