The feeling you feel when you feel you're going to feel a feeling you've never felt before.
I can't wait... for my tax refund, for this day to end, until they get here. The anticipation is killing me!
by Don Howard August 5, 2006
The anticipation phase starts the moment after taking a pill and lasts for 20 minutes to an hour, whilst you're waiting for it to kick in. This can be an exciting phase as you know something magical is coming at any moment but you don't know exactly when. There may be glimpses of it but this may also be the mind playing tricks before it really starts. For the more seasoned pill taker this moment may actually be 1 of frustration as they want to be there immediately.
Guy 1 "You there yet?"
Guy 2 "Nah still in the anticipation stage."
by GF August 20, 2007
I anticipate you to be here on time.
by david May 27, 2003
When people shit on themselves in anticipation of someone else shitting on them. People think this will shield some criticism, but really it just gives assholes better material.
"I know I'm not a very good singer, and my massive love handles detract from my already terrible singing, but please be respectful while I attempt (insert Miley Cyrus song here)"

Most crappy youtube performers take nice big anticipation dumps in their self-descriptions
by tripleski6 June 22, 2011
A bottle of hard liquor that someone purchases while still owning a partially consumed bottle of the same or similar liquor. The bottle is purchased with the thinking that the partially consumed bottle will soon be fully consumed and the person doesn't want to be put in the situation where they've run out completely.
"Don't you already have half a bottle of Jim Beam at home?"
"Yeah but this is my ANTICIPATION BOTTLE. I don't want to run out. It's only Friday!"
by Scott Fremont August 10, 2006
The boner you get when anticipating something sexy, or sex itself. Can be a major headache if the anticipated sexual event does not occur.
I saw the new show, "How to look good naked", and got a huge anticipation boner, but was very disappointed when I saw no actual nudity and a gay prick running his mouth for 30 minutes.
by njriv April 7, 2010