A person, typically a male, who watches The Notebook and is a bitch.
Aron just needs to tell her how he feels and quit being such a notebook-bitch about it.
by Jfunkdong April 30, 2014
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When the male suitor shits and uses it as lube, in the female suitors pussy, during sex.
I used the spiral notebook technique with that ho, Jenny.
by Levy June 18, 2006
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a handy dandy notebook is a notebook duh that you write clues in. It is featured in the hit show "Blues Clues". which in my opinion is a great show.
by Hayyshull May 7, 2007
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When you're at home taking an online test that fills your entire computer screen, locking you in and preventing you from using that computer to search for the answers online, so you prop open a Notebook computer next to you with internet access.
Man that History test was wack. good thing I made it an open notebook test or i would've failed.
by ollliivvveeeeer November 18, 2011
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Jewish guys named Joe that carry these around in school to be cool.
Joe: I have a pink notebook.
Adri: OH MY GOD! I love you!!
by Cat February 14, 2004
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The action of texting someone you know a random thought or series of thoughts because you needed to remember it for later.
Sorry for the crazy messages, was so high last night I just started notebooking to you.
by Read Them All May 31, 2018
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