When you find your girlfriend’s diary, blow your load on a page, and then proceed to hit her in the face with it when she asks you what you’re doing with her diary
Friend1: how was last night?
Friend 2: I got bored and found my girls diary. Read a few pages, and then she walked in....I gave her a sloppy notebook.
by Jimjim26 March 9, 2018
Used to describe a girl which has captivated a guys love SO intensely, said guy would write a story similar to the one featured in "the notebook" about said girl.
Is she notebook worthy?
Yes. Yes she is.
by JTru. March 19, 2010
Referring to the movie "The Notebook", the one that every girl obsesses about because of its ideal and perfect boy/girl relationship. You don't want to be stuck with a girl who expects a romance of this type. Ouch.
"It's raining! Lets go outside and make out."
"This isn't a Notebook Romance, okay Sheila?"
by ILiveWhereTheApesHowl May 22, 2009
the prolonged after-effects of watching this romance movie 'The Notebook'.

Symptoms inlcude:

Feeling mushy and sappy

Believing that, men are romantic and compassionate and will give their lives for their women. Men do not posses these abilities or thoughts. They are not thinking about you and your feelings constantly.

Longing and looking for an ever-loving, deovted guy like the Notebook's lover dude 'Noah', that would barely or rarely exist, and staying miserably heart-broken over not finding such kind!
Girl (sobbingly) : Will you love me like the guy in Notebook?

Boy: Damn! You've got 'The Notebook Syndrome'
Just Get Over it! =/

Girl1: I'm extremely worried about my friend's state of mind. she cant think of anything else other than finding the unreal and non-existent love in her life!
Girl2: Shit happens! She having the Notebook Syndrome, she should better Get a Life!
by orchidz89 September 9, 2010
like in the movie the notebook, a notebook kiss means (preferably in the rain), the guy forcefully grabs the girl's face, kisses her passionately, and kind of lifts her up. Kiss to last as long as wanted.
I soo want him to notebook kiss me!
by horsegal26 March 2, 2012
When the metal spiral of a notebook is tangled with another metal spiral of a different notebook.
I went to grab my notebook out of my back pack when i noticed it was having notebook sex.
by Chevy69 November 6, 2010
When your girlfriend tells you you are the perfect guy and loves you, but leaves you for her ex that just came out of nowhere after agonizing for a week about how she loves two people, just like in the notebook.
"Hey, where's your girlfriend?" "She's with her ex. I got Notebook Dumped." "Sorry man."
by saxman May 31, 2012