Unstable, quick to anger, loves cats and fire, and but will kill you
Mallory: Don't Piss me off
Person: *pisses Mallory off*
Mallory: *Shanks with a colored pencil
by TheDefinitioner54 October 26, 2019
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How can you define her with words?

The most beautiful, talented, kindhearted person anyone could ever want to be in their life.

Someone so incredibly charismatic,

You have trouble trying to explain her to your friends.
Someone who reminds you of the stars, the ocean, and all else in paradise.
Someone you don't want to lose.
Mallory gave me the greatest gift, the knowledge to love, and to be loved in return.
by BabygirlJay July 17, 2014
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She is the most beautiful girl in the world, you cannot compare her to anyone, she is smart, beautiful, lovely, kind and generous, so thoughtful, she has an amazing laugh that will warm your heart. When you talk to her she makes you feel loved and if your someone like me then your not loved a lot. She will make you cry bc she can have so much love on you. Mallory is the most important girl i have in my life. She is always there. I love her more than a friend as more than a best friend. Love you Mallory😘
by Mr. Cry A lot June 11, 2017
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Mallory is the name of an amazing gem that most males wish they could find
And has the best personality ever

If you have a Mallory you should treat her like the treasure she is
Friend: Do you and that Mallory have a thing going on?
Guy: Well of course we do. Who wouldn't want someone as amazing as her? She's a gem
by MenoliStop December 16, 2016
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A beautiful person who everyone likes. Full of knowledge, very smart and wise, Mallory is the best person you will know.

She gives great advice, and one look will make you want her (regardless of gender, although she is hetrosexual).

All around an awesome person.

See goddess and perfect .
Ryan: When I was thinking about it
Camron: Mhmmmm?
Ryan: I realized how blessed we are to know Mallory.
Ben: Yup, you're totally right.
Camron: Then what are we doing here? Let's go worship her feet!
Ben: Good idea!!
by Beautiful Goddess May 27, 2008
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an all-around awesome person, someone you definitely do not want to lose. someone people want to clone to keep for themselves. although stubborn at times, a Mallory is someone you can depend on in pressure situations. over-analyzes things too much. also intelligent.
that mallory over there is so cool. i want her as a best friend!
by mmac809 August 29, 2008
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Mallory is the most amazing person in the world and there is no one who has ever lived or ever will live who can match up to her awesomness or her beauty she is perfect and I am so lucky to be her boyfriend
by Erodrig September 15, 2011
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