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Dating someone online through AOL.
Guy: Hey you're hot!
Girl: Mm you're hot too!
Guy: Wanna ao date?
Girl: Ok!!
by Cat February 14, 2004
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Female genitals; hairy love pit, one-eyed trouser snake snare.
George loved to fondle with Gina's man-trap at night.
by Cat January 3, 2004
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Marilyn Manson- Rock God, sex symbol, and my god
Marilyn Manson.. use in: Marilyn Manson is AMAZING
by Cat March 16, 2005
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Another word for F-U-C-K but its just spelled backwards.
Somebody's about to get kcuffed up yo.
by Cat September 19, 2003
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Sum1 who thinks there a mosher but isnt and usually likes new breed bands such as good charlotte an linkin park.
they go around tellin ppl there moshas but they r as hated by most moshas as scalls r. Most moshas use new breed as an insult not all people who get called new breeds are.
btw nice definition puddle :)
New breed: Good Charlotte rule!!
Mosha: and thats y ppl call u a new breed
by Cat March 7, 2004
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1: One who is under the age of eighteen. the government put this into place to hopefully stop teenage pregnancy, teenage drinking, and to stop people over the age of 18 from being with the so-called "minor" even if it is consensual to both parties.

2: small; smaller. Not as important.
1: "Dude, that is so fucked up! I've been going with this guy for three years then he turns 18 four months ahead of me, and the police arrested him. that is so fecking stupid!"

2: "I'm majoring in law and minoring in child development at university. what are yours?"
by Cat June 22, 2004
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