The action of texting someone you know a random thought or series of thoughts because you needed to remember it for later.
Sorry for the crazy messages, was so high last night I just started notebooking to you.
by Read Them All May 31, 2018
A laptop that always crashes every single minute for absolutely no reason. That motherfucking object should get sold out of stores.
by FGG2409 July 10, 2020
Also called Notebook Comics, Notebook Art are sketches or drawings created on lined paper as an artistic medium, such as a notebook (thus Notebook Art).

Notebook art is not finished, tidy or perfect, nor is it intended to be - it looks this way to match with the 'imperfect' medium that is lined paper.

Notebook Art is often in pencil or pen in only one colour, and is common among school students as a way to defeat boredom.
"Did you see that Notebook Art on Twitter the other day?"
"Yeah, I did. It looked nice, despite the unfinished sketches."
by brokeboyblues October 7, 2021
The heartwarming novel turned film created by Nicholas Sparks about the two young lovers Ally and Noah who are torn apart by class differences and war. By far one of the most iconic and best Romantic movies and novels ever. In the movie, Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams do a phenomenal job portraying their characters. Ally and Noah are soul mates and find their way back to each other after 7 torturous years apart and grow old together. The elderly Ally is diagnosed with Alzheimer's and writes down the story of their love (in THE NOTEBOOK) so that Noah could read it to her in the future when her memory is almost completely gone. The ending is bitter-sweet but more sweet than bitter tbh.
¨Mallory says we have to watch The Notebook for our movie night because I have never seen it¨
¨Youve never seen The Notebook?! Yes! We have to watch it!¨
by shaquille oatmeal April 13, 2019
Poor guy: I have a Samsung Notebook!
Me: Here’s 20$, you’ll get something better with that.
by SamsungNotebookHater April 29, 2022