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A childrens TV show with a strange man in a green stripey shirt. He lives in a 2-D house with his blue dog and enjoys talking to salt shakers and going into a magical world inside paintings.
Blues Clues scares me.
by PBnJ October 15, 2004
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A once fun and cute show for pre-schoolers and younger elementary kids.
Orignally had Steve (human male), Blue (female blue dog), Mr. Salt (a salt shaker), Mrs. Pepper (a pepper shaker), and a Mailbox who came in and out once per episode to deliver 'Mail Time!'

Blue would leave 3 clues that Steve and the viewers would write down in the Handy-Dany Notebook and procede to look around for more (and take Mail Time where Steve gets a letter from kids) and talk to the various creatures and animals.

Later; Steve (went to collage in real life) and 'left' leaving Blue to his brother, Joe. After came a bunch of new animals and creatures and kind of sucked the orinally fun out of the show.
Original Blues Clues is what I watched as a little girl.
by Iactuallyrememberthat January 17, 2009
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One of the best shows ever. Of course until Steve "went off to college" and was replaced by Joe, the fucking homosexual. Steve did not go to college. In fact, he went to jail for being a crackhead. He came back to the show during one episode and he had a buzz cut.

No but seriously, that was the best show ever! What other show had salt and pepper shakers and couches and tables and shovels that could talk? Oh and what show has paintings that you can jump into and walk around (eventhough the places you go while you're in the painting are not what is actually depicted in the painting while it is hanging on the wall). I want a mailbox that talks to you, throws up your mail into your lap, and stretches all the way fomr its post through your window, all the way over to to where you are sitting on your huge chair next to the tlaking sidetable, who's name, btw, is Sidetabledrawer.

Serious acid trip.
Blue's Clues fan:: "Where'd you get your buzz cut Steve?"

Steve:: "From fucking prison!!"
by S.B.M. March 26, 2008
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A sexual position in which you and your partner watch an exerpt from a pornographic film and then the male "blue-scadoos" into the bed and you have to do exactly what you just saw.
My favorite position is Blue's Clues, but I have to use caution about what film I pick.
by ThaRealScoobaSteve January 08, 2014
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Like the show Blues Clues, you search for clues to sum up your overall answer. Blues Clues relationship-wise is when a female or male goes around searching for "clues" and asking others about their significant other cheating on them and flirting with other people and like the show, the clue is often right in their face which is the person doing the cheating and they already knew about it. No one has time to play Blues Clues especially with a dude name Steve
Girl: "Umm excuse me...but has my man been talking to you? He does this all the time with other females and tends to lead them on"
Me: "Girl, ain't no one has time to play Blues Clues with "your man." Him cheating on you is the obvious clue and the answer right in your face.
by Teelee2 March 12, 2017
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blue's clues is one of the best shows ever. i love blue and magenta. and the host joe is not asian and will not cook blue and magenta than dip them in soy sauce. stupid brad n trev.
blue's clues is the coolest show on nick jnr
by jamacia1994555 December 07, 2005
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