The young, rich girl had many suitors, but had only one man on her mind for marriage.
by everyonessuitor May 21, 2008
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A guy who is in love with a girl to the point of being stalker. No matter how many times she rejects him, he is still obsessed with her.
Ally: How are the Suitors?
Quinn: Same old. Still creeping on me like meth addicts in need of a fix.
by Gigihe April 11, 2014
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Unwittingly created in the Age of Catfish and to some extent the COVID19 pandemic.

Phantom suitors are calculated individuals found online through social dating apps that feign interest in meeting up in person by making vague and indistinct plans for an immediate time or future date to ghost.

Distinct from a catfish, a Phantom Suitor is found using their own pics carefully chosen, taken as to not reveal their face and most often than not would be from the torso down in order to lower ones guard so they can extract intimate content such a sexually explicit photos,
Videos, and sexually charged texts for their own use and pleasure or simply just pass the time.

Other Typical tactics include but is not limited to:

- the Suitor being “out of town )until a specified date)” and would love to “get to know you” until then and proceeds to steer the conversation into exchange of explicit content/photos/vids/snaps

- the suitor being “at work & horny” and “would love to meet up later” and asks for the target to “send me a pic for now”

- adept in manipulation they will often tell their targets anything and everything about them to expedite
Don’t be fooled he’s a phantom Suitor, feigning interest in meeting up with you just to get your nudes. Block him.
by Gentlemenpreferblondes January 7, 2021
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Rapid loss of braincells due to association. May experience random outbursts of running as-well
Man you’ve been slow today are you experiencing “The Suitor Effect”?
by Mastercard December 13, 2021
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