Adri is most likely a blonde. She is very sweet and kind. A hard worker but knows when to play the fool. Adri is the type who laughs at her own jokes, which means she does not need ur opinion to have a good time. Although she tells many "dry" jokes, Adri is above all a likable person with morals.
Adri also known as "A3" and "Adreezee"
by A3-zee May 14, 2011
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Adri is probably blonde, and has the sweetest, kindest heart ever. Yes, she may be breathtakingly beautiful, but trust me that her heart is even more so. She's funny af and anyone who gets to have her in their life is a lucky mf.
Have you heard, Chris is going on a date with Adri?

Person: Damn, that is one lucky mf. She's a dream girl.
by jackson Palmer October 24, 2020
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an old-fasioned, but not out-dated, girl who loves flowers, fairy tales and musicals. She knows everything about anything Disney and Disneyland. She hates the sound of cheap guitars, holds a slight resemblance to Zooey Deschanel and refuses to be anyone's girlfriend.
What year was Walt Disney born?

Ask Adri.
by ilikedisney April 22, 2010
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Adri, which is typically short for the names Adrian or Adrianna, is typically either a blonde or dark haired brunette.

Type 1: She is really kind to everyone in her friend group, but is shy and doesn’t talk to anyone she isn’t close to. She is kind of clingy, but not to a bad extent.

Type 2: She is a manipulator and liar who befriends people to backstab them. Typically old-school, but that can lead to conservative ideals and homophobia, racism.
1: Adri is super shy, but is really kind!

2: Once I told Adri that I was bi, she shunned me and made rumors of me.
by theliartothem July 4, 2019
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n. a person who is in a constant state of being high. when not high this person can often be found "drunkey", sleeping, or craving to do one of the latter. usually these people are quite tall. Synonymns: Goo Goo Muneca, E.E. Doll, Snoop Dogg, etc...
That Adri girl does nothing but sleep till 3pm, at which time she cracks open her first beer, and smokes till passing out.
by allison February 14, 2003
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Adrie is the most amazing, beautiful, and caring person you will ever meet! She can make anyone smile just with her presence! And I couldn't imagine a more perfect person to be with!
"Hey Adrie!"
*she looks person in eyes and smiles*

*person explodes in pure bliss*
by Ltown-kid October 29, 2013
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Adrie is the most beautiful, significant and caring person you'll ever meet. She's isolated from the crowd with her pure beauty and stunning smile. She's very intelligent and hard to come by. Adrie will make your day just looking at her. She is very rare, unique and special in many people's lives and has a very amazing personality. If you have an Adrie in your life, don't let her go!
She is so cute, what's her name?
Probably Adrie!
by JustPlays June 16, 2017
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