What someone says to somebody else when somethings not to be touched.
The old man hollered NOT-A-FINGER at the kid's because he didn't want them touching anything.
by jpg3 November 18, 2011
A body part that extrudes from the palm of your hand. You expected something horny, didn't you ;)
John never uses his finger for sexual purposes, but he uses them to do useful things such as typing.
by The7Guy January 28, 2021
things girls do for pleasure. they stick two fingers in their pussy, and jerk around until they orgasm.
julia wanted to explore her pussy for the first time. she took off her black leggings. she placed her hands on her knees and spread her legs wide open. julia has always heard her friends talking about fingering themselves. so she wanted to try. she remembers them saying it was the second hole, not the pee hole. she ran her pointer finger down, feeling around for the hole. finally found it. “here we go” she thought. so she inserted her finger inside her hole. she didn’t feel anything at first, so she slowly sunk her finger deeper, and deeper. she took her fingertip and massaged the walls of her pussy. it felt so good that she let out a small moan. she could see the hype now. she slowly pushed her finger more in and faster. she wanted more so she took the finger out, and tried the middle and pointer finger at once. she jerked her fingers in and out, moaning louder and louder each time. she didn’t care if her parents heard. she did it faster and faster. “UHH. YES OH YES YESSS.” she screamed. “OH MY GOD THIS IS FUCKING AMAZING” she screamed as she jerked her fingers in farther. she started to hear footsteps coming down the hall, but she didn’t care. she pushed her fingers in harder and hit her g-spot. she screamed in pleasure as she started to have an orgasm. her body shook in joy. she mom swung open the door, only to see her there with her fingers inside her deep pussy. julia climaxed, and squirted all over the carpet and her mother’s shoes.
by imsohornyareyou April 3, 2020
The placement of fingers on a musical instrument to create a specific note………perv
Great job at the violin recital, Jimmy! But work on your fingering next time
by Alpharat53 August 10, 2016
Position of the fingers, while playing musical instrument, for example on the guitar fretboard, or piano keyboard.
My music teacher taught me 5 ways of fingering
by dildo777 October 20, 2018
One who has fingered themselves during or shortly after the 9/11 terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center.
Person: I heard the famous pop star Taylor Swift is a fingerer!
Person2: That's completely true! She was fingering herself during the attacks!
by TheSickVidz March 4, 2015
Fingering can be used to make a woman wet and horny before having sex, by rubbing a finger in her vagina. It may be safer to start with one finger only. It is also recommended to use a nail file to shape your nails before fingering a pussy, in addition to a lubricant or saliva from the woman, to prevent hurting the pussy.
You should start fingering my pussy now!
by Find a Wingman June 15, 2020