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Modern version of a Friend of Dorothy.
A sophisticated euphemism for gay.

comes from assumption that only gays can enjoy music of British synth-pop duo Pet Shop Boys
There's someone you don't like and you want to insult them by calling them a "faggot," but you know that's awfully politically incorrect and will get you nailed as a bigot, so you say something like "I hear he's a Pet Shop Boys fan."
by dildo777 January 27, 2023
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No talent ass clown with guitar. Someone who pretends to be a guitarist , copies visual style of Van Halen, Slash or other famous musician, but lack of skill and wish to learn.

Concatenation from "guitar" and "pederast"
Bob is true guitarast. Can't play but shows photos of his guitars here and there, and brags about that
by dildo777 February 16, 2017
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A person of white South African origin, currently residing in America
I'm white african american. I was born in South Africa, but got American citizenship.
by dildo777 September 27, 2018
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Kim Wilde's hit song from 1988

Also, describes typical incident with adolescent viewer when watching this music video
Hey, did you see Kim Wilde in music video "You came"?
-Yes. I came!
by dildo777 February 15, 2018
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The clitoris. Popularized in the Deep Throat movie. The doctor is explaining that the reason that Linda does not have orgasms is that she has no clitoris; it is later discovered to be in the back of her throat
Linda: l mean, there should be more to sex than a lot of little tingles. There should be bells ringing, dams bursting, bombs going off, something
Dr Young: No wonder you can't hear any bells! You don't have a tinkler!
by dildo777 December 4, 2015
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Russian civil jet plane , developed by Sukhoi Civil Aicrafts company.

The jet infamous by it's long development, and few notorious crashes due to negligence of the crew.

One was demonstration flight in Indonesia, where the crew committed a CFIT
Superjet crashed into the mountain, together with journalists and prospective customers. Can't imagine worse demonstration of a new product.
by dildo777 March 23, 2023
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Same as keytar. Small keyboard or synthesizer, worn on the strap, similar to guitar.

Used by heavy metal keyboardists to do all sorts of #musical masturbation.
Jordan Rudess fucked my ears with his strap-on keyboard solo
by dildo777 July 3, 2018
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