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1) French word for: whore, prostitute, bitch
2) German word for the turkey meat
That awkward moment when you are in a supermarket and you see a product with the word "PUTE" written on it!
by Find a Wingman November 27, 2019
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Saliva can be used as lubricant, for example a woman can spit on her fingers to lubricate her vagina. It should be renewed more often than a real lubricant since it gets dry faster. Lubricating correctly a pussy can prevent breaking a condom, even if the condom comes lubricated.
If the woman / man is not your official (monogamous) partner, it is safer to use your own saliva to lubricate your pussy or cock that is not protected with a condom, since there is a small risk of STI.
If you are not with your official partner, French kiss / deep kiss with exchange of saliva should be avoided, as well a unprotected blowjob or pussy licking, which also adds a risk of STI.
Let's add some saliva to lubricate your pussy!
by Find a Wingman January 03, 2020
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A nail file can be used to shape your nails to prevent hurting a pussy when fingering it.
I saw in a video that it is recommended to cut and shape your nails before fingering a woman. I never thought a nail file could be useful for a man also!
by Find a Wingman January 12, 2020
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A female condom can be placed directly in the pussy of a woman. It can be useful for a threesome when there is one guy and two girls. This way the guy can switch holes without sharing an STI between the two girls.
It can also be useful if a guy wants to switch between vaginal and anal sex with just one girl. By adding a female condom in both holes, it protects vaginal flora.
If a sexfriend tells me she knows another girl interested in a threesome, it will be more fun with female condoms!
by Find a Wingman May 24, 2020
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Fingering can be used to make a woman wet and horny before having sex, by rubbing a finger in her vagina. It may be safer to start with one finger only. It is also recommended to use a nail file to shape your nails before fingering a pussy, in addition to a lubricant or saliva from the woman, to prevent hurting the pussy.
You should start fingering my pussy now!
by Find a Wingman June 15, 2020
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1) Französisch means French in German
2) It is also a German slang for blowjob
Woman: Ich kann auch Französisch!
Man: What kind of Französisch do you mean?
by Find a Wingman November 27, 2019
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