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A wingman is a friend that you can bring to a bar or party in order to find women more easily.
The wingman is useful in case you don't already know a single women that is interested in hanging out and getting laid. A wingman avoids going out to a bar or party alone, which may not be fun and women may not be interested in guys hanging out alone. If several women are hanging out together, it is easier to approach women if you are with a wingman. While you are talking to the girl you are interested in, the wingman will take care of the other girls.
Usually the wingman is a single man, however he does not need to be single and it could be women, also known as wingwoman or winggirl. If you cannot find any friend interested in being your wingman, you may find one close to your city on websites or online groups of social networks of the "pickup artist" community.
I need a wingman for this weekend!
by Find a Wingman January 12, 2020
A baguette is a long French bread. It can also mean a penis in other languages like German.
Man: I will bring a baguette tonight!
Woman: What kind of baguette do you mean?
by Find a Wingman November 4, 2019
1) French word for: whore, prostitute, bitch
2) German word for the turkey meat
That awkward moment when you are in a supermarket and you see a product with the word "PUTE" written on it!
by Find a Wingman November 27, 2019
Saliva can be used as lubricant, for example a woman can spit on her fingers to lubricate her vagina. It should be renewed more often than a real lubricant since it gets dry faster. Lubricating correctly a pussy can prevent breaking a condom, even if the condom comes lubricated.
If the woman / man is not your official (monogamous) partner, it is safer to use your own saliva to lubricate your pussy or cock that is not protected with a condom, since there is a small risk of STI.
If you are not with your official partner, French kiss / deep kiss with exchange of saliva should be avoided, as well a unprotected blowjob or pussy licking, which also adds a risk of STI.
Let's add some saliva to lubricate your pussy!
by Find a Wingman January 3, 2020
A nail file can be used to shape your nails to prevent hurting a pussy when fingering it.
I saw in a video that it is recommended to cut and shape your nails before fingering a woman. I never thought a nail file could be useful for a man also!
by Find a Wingman January 12, 2020
1) a potential customer
2) a potential girlfriend or sexfriend
These dating sites using the word prospect looks like I am looking for a job!
by Find a Wingman August 28, 2020
1) An event where people meet to have drinks after work.
2) Going to a date with someone while having drinks. It can start in a bar and may end up in bed.
I am going to an afterwork, I may come back late!
by Find a Wingman November 29, 2019