Drunk Driver/ Desingnated Drinker!! you know your driving home and you are still getting wasted!!!
1)Sarah: Pat...you are supposed to be the DD tonight wtf?
Pat: I am babe...i'm your Drunk Driver!

2)When the cops roll up they're gonna get the finger, and i dont give a fuck Cuz i'm the DESIGNATED DRINKER!!!---Hollywood Undead.
by sarahtessa January 11, 2009
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A much happier :D. One who is double as happy.
"You got a new car."


"And you also got $1,000,000."

by EpicWinzors! December 25, 2008
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* A person who disregards and/or rejects facts, news, and/or other legitimate information that would contradict the stand, statement, or opinion of the person they blindly follow.
* A sheep, a blind follower.

* A person who acknowledges his stupidity and ignorance but takes pride that he does not care about facts, news, and/or other legitimate information
PERSON 1: "I unfriended our officemate because he is such a DDS. I showed him the findings of the Commission On Audit that the country has a foreign borrowing rate of PhP809B per year but no mass testing budget for the Filipinos. This was validated by the major media outlets. He told me COA should be abolished as they are always against the government and mainstream media just shares fake news against the president. He is such a DDS. He would bend and align his beliefs to match the president's even with facts presented."
by DDSForever May 20, 2020
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DD started on a simulated military based on Habbo Hotel. DD has now become a large cult that is mainly for outcasts and social rejects who target vulnerable people online.

They are very identifiable as they wear purple bucket hats.
Why did you join DD? Do you have any self-respect?
by UrbanAnonymous1 March 8, 2022
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n. Designated Driver. One who abstains from "partying" so everyone can get home safely.
We're going out tonight, and I'm the DD, as per usual.
by The Grammar Nazi January 6, 2002
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DD stands for "Daredemo Daisuki" which literally translates to "Love Anyone"

it's a word thrown quite often in the vtuber community (Chinese ones particularly)
it's basically loving everyone equally but can be used in different context such as, loving more than one or to split something

(I recommend watching civia's stream)
by has_e April 29, 2020
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Really big breats - Double D.
<A> Dam'! That bitch is stacked yo!
<B> She hasta be DD!
by Terran-Ghost June 3, 2003
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